Rate & Fees Depends On Document Type

Loan signing documents is based on document type. General notary for Missouri is $5 per notarization plus travel fee. Kansas is $10 per notarization plus travel fee.
The fees for notarial acts specified in section 486.685.
For an Acknowledgement, $5.00 per signature
For Jurat, $5.00 per signature
For Signature Witnessing, $5.00 per signature
For Certified copy, $1.00 per page certified with a minimum total
charge of $3.00
Electronic Notarization: Acknowledgements, Jurats, and Signature
Witnessing, is $5.00 each per signature
Remote Online Notarization: Price is based on the type of document needing notarized, is paid up front and is nonrefundable
Apostille Courier Service: Price is based on the document type depending on the number of documents and the destination (how it gets to the Secretary of State either by UPS or FedEx). Cost of notarization is $5 per signature; and Apostille fee is charged by the Secretary of State of $10 per document. Price is paid up front and is also nonrefundable

Permit Runner is based on Service type.
Field Inspection and Data Property Report inspection, are both based on separate prices per square foot of a property.